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I'm currently a Software Engineering Student @ UT Dallas

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I am currently a Software Engineering student at The University of Texas at Dallas, interested in pursuing a career that blends finance and technology.

Ever since high school, I have taken part in endeavors that have propeled my creativity and learning. My experiences over the years at numerous hackathons and technology panels have enabled me to build an extensive network of collaboration with developers at FANG and Fintech companies.

Spending time researching and implementing new frameworks and technologies are some of the ways that I have found myself to become more active in spaces such as data science and predictive modeling. Building projects to me is not just about the reward or monetary value that it could achieve, but also the long-term impact it could provide me in becoming a more versatile developer and problem solver. Moreover, analyzing relevant capitalmarket trends has become a new interest of mine. I enjoy seeking new methods and ways to develop and implement algorithmic scripts to measure volatility and price evaluations for stocks.

In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, going to concerts, rockclimbing, exploring new forms of art and drinking coffee!




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June 2020
Monte Carlo Simulation

A project gauging the prediction of a future stock price being reached. Using a combination of the Monte Carlo and the geometric Brownian motion (GBM) models, a user is able to see a potential future trajectory of the stock. The Brownian model assumes that a "constant drift is accompanied by random shocks" (Investopedia). The combination of the model allows for the prediction to be calculated

SXSW 2018
Pollen Tracker

Pollen Tracker is a Fitbit App that gives users Real Time Information about Allergens in the air.

How it works: Accesses the User's latitude and longitude coordinates from the fitbit. Makes a call to the geonames web API in order to retrieve the ZIP code the user is in Uses the nasacort web API to get the current allergens in the air, along with the pollen forecast for the next 3 days. Presents this information to the user

Geonames APIJavascriptCSS
UTD Blockchain & Crypto 2019
Risk SCM

App which is hosted on the blockchain and allows for a secure way of processing and fulfilling supply-chain operations specifically in the pharmaceutical industry